Bakari Sellers endorses Wendell Gilliard for Senate District 42

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Former South Carolina State Representative and CNN commentator Bakari Sellers has publicly endorsed Rep. Wendell Gilliard for Senate District 42.

Bakari Sellers issued a statement in support of State Senate District 42 candidate and Wendell Gilliard on Sunday.

“For far too long, we have sat by and watched our neighborhoods be gentrified and were passed by for good-paying jobs. Our history is being removed from schools and our land and legacy are being taken away by special interests. These special interests always, always, always do their best to hold on to their positions and power at our expense, even when it dilutes our voice,” Sellers said.

“Wendell Gilliard has always stood with us, always fought for us, and always will. This is an opportunity to send a message that District 42 is not for sale to the special interest. Protect our land and protect our legacy. Vote Wendall Gilliard this Tuesday, September 19th.”

State Representatives Wendell Gilliard and Deon Tedder will head to a runoff on September 19 for Senate District 42.

The candidate who wins the upcoming runoff will face Republican Rosa Kay during the November 7th election.

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Author: Lindsay Miller