Charleston International Airport prepares for large crowds ahead of Memorial Day weekend

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)– Triple A predicted record travel across the country this Memorial Day weekend, including in the Lowcountry.

Officials with Charleston International Airport said last year, over 60,000 travelers came through the airport. With new restaurants opening and international flights back, they expect that number to increase by 15 percent this year.

“We saw it yesterday. We had folks coming in and out of town today. Of course, this is D-day because this is the day that most folks will travel to their destinations,” said Spencer Pryor, deputy executive director and chief of communication.

Ahead of the busy weekend, the airport has been staffing and ensuring they’re ready to take on the crowds. Travelers told News 2 their travel experience has been amazing so far.

“It was easy. I flew out of Baltimore and just got here. I just landed, and it’s gorgeous and sunny outside,” said Sydney Dorley, a visitor from Baltimore.

“So far, so good. I have never been to Charleston before, but my plane landed early. I think the airports are beautiful,” said Michael Lawoo, a visitor from Virginia.

While airport staff is working to ensure a smooth experience, leaders said there are things you can do.

“I always call it making a plan and not just a plan to buy your ticket and get to your destinations by the plant before you get to the airport, which includes giving yourself enough time to arrive here. Are we asked to give her at least an hour and a half before departure so they can find parking,” said Pryor.

Friday and Monday are typically the biggest travel days of the holiday weekend. We’re expecting to get the official numbers next week. 

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Author: Dalilah James