CCSD discusses consolidation of three North Charleston elementary schools

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Wednesday’s meeting was held in the cafeteria of Lambs Elementary School as Charleston County School District (CCSD) officials discussed different options to potentially consolidate three elementary schools along Dorchester Road.

“I will tell you that this district,” CCSD’s chief operating officer Jeff Bowory said, “since 2000, has not built a new school for less than 500.”

Determining the future of Lambs, W.B. Goodwin and Hunley Park elementary schools.

At the start of Wednesday night’s meeting, officials shared details about plans for the new Lambs Elementary School facility and early learning center.

“The new elementary school is going to be a two-story brick building,” CCSD’s executive director of capital programs Jasmeen Shaw said. “Beautiful, state-of-the-art. It’s going to have all of your traditional classrooms. It’s going to have your teacher workspaces, your admin suite, nurse’s clinic, multipurpose room with a platform, cafeteria and all of the special fine arts included into the elementary school.”

They then discussed the three options for consolidation they’re currently considering. Option 1 includes consolidating each of the three schools into the new Lambs Elementary School, which means the new school would be able to hold 1200 students.

The other two options would combine two schools, meaning the new school would have a capacity of 900 students, and keep the third school separate.

“Option 2 is Lambs and Goodwin together,” Shaw said. “That’s about 700 students, so there would be some grow there. Then the other option is Option 3, which is Lambs and Hunley combined together.”

Officials say no matter which option is chosen, students and teachers will be getting a first-class facility.

“One that promotes innovation and creativity and encourages engagement within the students and the staff,” the project’s architect said.

Following the presentations, community members had a chance to weigh in on the options presented.

“I’ve had teachers from all three schools reach out to me and say that they’re very concerned about consolidating in any way,” one attendee said.

“These three schools you’re trying to put in one is ridiculous,” one neighbor said.

“I’m seeing all the options that you have up there,” one Hunley Park Elementary School teacher said, “but where is Option 4? When you just leave all the schools alone, because that’s what the people want.”

Bowory says he’d be willing to add that fourth option. The district has another public meeting scheduled for next Tuesday at 6:00 p.m., at Jerry Zucker Middle School.

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Author: Kevon Dupree