Goose Creek opening new communications center, new technology for first responders

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – The Goose Creek Police Department is opening their new Communications Center that will help better prepare first responders for emergencies.

After a year of planning, the $1.1 million upgraded center, the grand opening will take place Thursday, September 2, at 10:00 a.m.

Officials say that over $400,000 is reimbursable through the State 911 funds and funds did not come from taxpayers. The balance of the cost has been accumulated over the years from E911 funds that are collected from telephone bills, allowing the project to occur.

The new system will include texting, mapping, language line interpreting and quicker call processing.

“You’ll be able to share video and pictures through our new communications system, which I think is really going to be a game change,” said City of Goose Creek Mayor Greg Habib. “When you talk about having the right people respond to the right situation. You know a picture’s worth a thousand words as it were.”

Once the state has the system connected, it will allow pictures and videos to be sent via 911. The information will be shared in real time with the responders, so they are better prepared for an emergency prior to arrival.

The upgrade will also include the Emergency Medical Dispatching System. Telecommunications specialists will now be trained to provide life saving pre-arrival instructions to callers, including CPR, childbirth instructions, bleeding control, etc.

Pre-arrival instructions have been proven to have better impact in life-threatening situations.

Beginning in mid-September, callers can expect to be asked a few more questions when calling in for medical emergencies.

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Author: Randi Moultrie