Mount Pleasant using decibel meter to track noise levels on Shem Creek

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Mount Pleasant leaders are now looking at using decibel level meters to track how loud music gets on Shem Creek in order for restaurants in the area to still be able to play music, without getting ticketed.

“Shem Creek, that’s what people come here for they come here to have a good time,” says Jacob Robertson, booking manager for Vickery’s.

Robertson says he’s booked bands regularly over the last 5 years, rarely having a problem until August when the restaurant received an almost $500 ticket for noise ordinance.

“We’re not trying to be a downtown bar. We don’t have 7 DJ”s and 7 lasers going off until 2 a.m., but some afternoon music would be nice,” Robertson.

Mount Pleasant Town Council met to discuss ways restaurant’s in Shem Creek can host live musicians and bands without getting in trouble with noise ordinances. Council members like Gary Santos says they want police to use decibel level meters to monitor how loud music gets in the area to please restaurant owners and nearby neighborhoods.

“We are trying to find a way instead of the police just coming and listening and thinking this is too loud or this is not. We need an infinite way of finding out if it is going to be a violation,” Santos says.

Some restaurant’s on Shem Creek like Saltwater Cowboys already use decibel meters and Santos says he believes those same methods could benefit restaurant’s like Vickery’s.

“They do it about 20 feet away from where the music is playing and to me that sounds more beneficial,” Santos.

Robertson has started a petition to amend the town’s noise ordinance to make the rules more lenient during the late afternoon and early evening hours and so far he already has almost 3,500 signatures. He says he wants to make sure live music is protected to make sure musicians and guests can have an enjoyable experience.

“We just want to find a level that’s reasonable that the restaurant’s and bars in Shem Creek and the town can benefit from. This a majority rule kind of thing and it’s just not here on Shem Creek. I want this to be changed for everybody so this is equal playing grounds for all of Mount Pleasant,” Robertson says.

Town council plans on discussing and possibly implementing the new decibel meter rules throughout the next two council meetings.

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Author: Lexi Moore