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The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright was also an acclaimed actor, whose magnetic screen presence graced such films as “Days of Heaven” and “The Right Stuff” Source: CBS Entertainment

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The blaze consumed the outdoor stage at the Tomorrowland electronic music festival held at Barcelona’s Parc de Can Zam Source: CBS Entertainment

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About five years ago guitarist Carlos Santana ran into a singer he has revered since hearing the original version of “Twist and Shout” in 1962: Ron Isley, of the legendary Isley Brothers. That meeting resulted in the new album, “Power of...

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Her upbringing in Welch, W. Va., was anything but conventional, but after moving to New York and establishing herself as a high-society columnist, Jeannette Walls confronted her past upon spotting her mother, a squatter, rooting through a dumpster for food. Her...